Retro Party Hire

Street Fighter Arcade Machine

This little arcade machine can fit in most spaces, and contains thousands of fantastic retro games, including Street Fighter, Pacman, Tekken and many many more! The machine comes with a handy tabletop only option, if you are looking to save on cost or space! This machine is perfect for birthday parties, or simple game nights with your friends!

Price for three hours hire £150

Marvel arcade

Our Marvel arcade machine is the perfect fit for any party! Featuring your favourite marvel superheroes, this machine contains thousands of games to entertain you and your guests all night long! This machine is perfect for Weddings, as well as stag, hen, birthday parties.

Prices for three hour hire £150

Batman Arcade Machine

This awesome Batman Themed Multi-Game Arcade looks impressive in any room. With fantastic DC artwork, Light up LED buttons and underskirts, this machine will keep your guests entertained for hours! Featuring over 6000 classic games, you won't want to pass up an opportunity to play this arcade!

Price for three hours hire £150

Konami Dancing Stage Euromix

Now, this machine brings back memories! Dance the night away on our fantastic dance machine, featuring all the original songs from the original game! Please note – This machine is very large, and unsuitable for home hires.

Please check your venue will allow this before booking.

Height 240cm Width 180cm Depth 220cm

Price for three hours £450

TMNT Pro Pinball Machine

Cawabungo Dude! This awesome pinball machine can provide hours of entertainment! Go solo, or compete in teams of four, to battle against the evil Shredder, in this amazing game. This machine will light up any room!

H-192CM W-54CM D-140CM

Prices for three hours £300

Star Wars Comic Book Pro Pinball Machine

Go to a Galaxy far far away! Choose one of four characters from the legendry franchise! Light up missions and watch cut scenes from the movies, as you navigate through the various challenges across the playfield. This machine will be a sure fire hit among any generation!

H-192CM W-54CM D-140CM

Prices for three hours £300

Vintage Photo Booth

This classic bellows style camera photo booth is great for people looking for a different sort of photo booth. This photo Booth not only works as a great place to take your photo but due to its style also works as part of the decor. Great for gatsby style parties, vintage and peaky blinder themes. This comes with a wide range of vintage props and comes with a glitter backdrop.

price for three hours £350 Digital only, £400 with prints

LED Light up Football Table

This amazing LED light up Football Table is great for bringing some healthy competition to your day! Challenge your friends to a traditional game of table football and enjoy the glow of the blue LEDs. This product has a white finish, which makes it the perfect addition to a wedding reception.

H-86.5CM W-74.5CM D-152CM

Prices for three hours £175

Air Hockey

The ULTIMATE challenge for groups of up to 4 players! Classic air hockey is a real crowd pleaser, and a great way to add the competition to your event. Designed in a sleek white colour, this machine looks perfect in a wedding reception or other parties!

Price for three hour hire £300

Pool table

Our pool table is perfect for giving off a relaxed atmosphere whilst also adding the fun to your party! The blue playing field looks eye catching at any event.

Price for three hour hire £300

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